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Which Vampire Bloodline are you?
Ah, mind control... perhaps the most dangerous of all the gifts. You are no doubt a more "cerebral" type of person - a Ravenclaw rather than a Hufflepuff, let's say - and enjoy using your intelligence to solve life's problems... or create them for others, perhaps.
Are you naturally lazy? No! You just enjoy flaunting the laws of nature by moving the physical world with your mind. There's something unsettling about defying the way of the world in this way, and you definitely enjoy the power. And the convenience. And, you know, blowing people's minds with your obvious mastery of space.
We're all at the mercy of the winds of change, but not if your gift is from the Horys bloodline. Who doesn't wish they could control the weather? Whether you wish clear moonlit nights for yourself, or tempests upon your enemies, to control the weather is to control people's very moods... even if they don't know it.
Few things have a grip over people stronger than music, and those of Siryn can play instruments and sing music of such beauty that humans will do anything they want ... even go mad. On the other hand, what better profession for a vampire than a DJ? After all, they're nocturnal.
Those of Weryn have the ability to transform into animals. Weryns are adaptable survivors who can change their shape to counteract many of the other vampires' gifts, and their powers of defense are fearsome.
While most shun death, you know that it is not the end. Being of Kaly, you have the unique ability to raise the dead. While you could of course command a zombie army to strike terror into the hearts of your enemies, that is a bit crude, isn't it? Perhaps you have other uses for this dark art...
One minute you're there, the next, you've vanished into thin air. Helm bloodline descendants can turn themselves not just invisible, but immaterial. Chances are, you're on the quiet side... observant... and master of the "Irish Goodbye," as Kat says in her family.
Do you lose track of time? You're not absent-minded, you're of the Seeyr bloodline. It's only natural that you get the past, present, and future mixed up because you can see them all. Seeyrs have a unique perspective on the flow of life, and tend to be more philosophical about the ups and downs. After all, everyone dies in the end... or do they?
While many people wish they could become others, you actually can. As a Mirryr bloodline descendant, you can assume other people's faces, which can be used for good or for ill. While you may not know who the real "you" is, is that really important? After all, persona is just a facade... you and your fellow vampires are nothing more than creatures of the night.
Bus, train, car, plane, bike, horse... they're all so slow. Luckily, with the Wyvern gift, you don't have to worry about all that because you can teleport. You're definitely known for your impatience, but you're a person of action, so that's only natural.

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